First Weekly

Hey dear reader,

I'd like to resurrect a series of articles called Weeklys. It's a weekly round-down of things I've learned, discovered, or caught my attention. I came up with this idea a few years ago when I've started blogging. I think it's a good idea to keep up with writing on regular basis.

Headphone upgrade

I've been searching for new headphones for a few months. My current ATH-SR50BT from audio-technica headphones started to peel their skin off and they also have their headband holder broken. I've tried to find replacement parts but I've been already redirected 2 times to a different support company and the vision of repairing them started to fade away. I've been looking around the internet to find a new pair and I would like to shout out some of the few good resources I've stumbled on. I recommend checking out DMS YouTube channel for professional and interesting opinions on the performance of the most popular headphones out there. I've also found an online magazine It features reviews and rankings of various types of headphones. In the end, I was searching for sustainable studio overhead open-backed headphones and I managed to order bayerdynamics new DT 900 Pro X.

Preview of the beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X headphones
Preview of the beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X headphones

I can't wait till they arrive. I got an unpleasant estimate of the arrival of 31th of May in my order confirmation mail. So I guess I will forget that I've ordered them and made myself a nice birthday surprise.

Stream setup

I always wanted to use my mobile phone camera as the main camera for the stream. Mainly because of the quality of the camera and the ability to have much better visuals. It would not look good on the stream to have a full-screen scene of just my notebook camera. I tried so many apps to accomplish this but finally, I've managed to get it working I was hoping that I can make the DroidCam OBS combination of OBS plugin and Android application to work but for some unknown reason the OBS plugin couldn't find the camera through a USB connection. Instead, I've managed to connect through the plain DroidCam application. I've had to install a few missing libraries for the video capture and got it working. I'm really pumped up about this and started to plan out first testing streams and then planning on making something more official. Something like a talk show with some guests and just casual streams around coding and lifestyle.


I think that around the New year I wanted to start writing more often and bring back this idea of writing weekly updates. I must have forgotten about that because a whole month just went by and I haven't written a single thing yet. But, I am happy that I made myself write this. I certainly want to write much more and create more content. In this series, I'd also like to post articles that caught my eye, but I don't think that this week I've read any interesting ones. We've been introduced to the 7 delegations level for a delegation poker workshop that we did with management at work to align with each other. I hope it brings a valuable outcome. We yet have to see.

Ok, Thank you very much for reading and see you next week!