I've started streaming - Weekly #06-2022

I've been thinking of giving the Weekly series a numbering system. I've come up with the format of #weekNumber-year. This article is only a second Weekly, but it is published for the sixth week of this year, so it will receive a number #06-2022.

Streaming setup

I use my Samsung Galaxy S21 as a camera via DroidCam. I have even bought the DroidCamX, just because it is the only software that successfully allowed me to connect my phone camera with the PC.

I needed to improve my camera angle. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to resolve this. We went shopping with my fiance and I found a wireless selfie stick that can be put into stand mode at the cash registers. I've immediately added it into the basket. It serves as a camera holder.

Wireless selfie stick packaging
The packaging box of the wireless selfie stick

I was thinking about how I could leverage scenes in OBS to make the streaming settings more maintainable. A thought hit me that I can compose scenes into each other just like objects in programming. I couldn't be the first to think of it, so I've tried to find somewhere on the internet a tutorial on how others manage it. I've found a great tutorial on YouTube by Gaming Careers, where he gives some tips on how to manage and compose scenes. I've created some scenes to be able to start streaming.

I asked one of my colleagues for a favor to encourage me to start to stream. We went on a call and I've started to stream. We were just talking about basic stuff around programming, but I've really enjoyed it. I left a note for myself that this post is being written during the first broadcast.

I am streaming right now as I am writing this post!

Broadcasting is very demanding for resources so to make better quality content I will eventually have to buy a dedicated computer. I've set a new sub goal for buying a streaming PC. I'll buy it when the stream will reach 50 subs. Wish me luck!

Picks for this week

Last week I've been showing off new headphones that I've ordered and the YouTube algorithm has been suggesting great videos on the topic since. I will give another shoutout. This time it is to Joshua's Valour YouTube channel

My next pick will be a podcast Lifespan hosted by Dr. David Sinclair where he talks about what we can do and how should we treat our bodies to live a longer and healthier life.

In our management course, we've been learning about different person typologies. That helped me to understand how I should treat other people and how to communicate better with them.

That's it for this week. Thank you very much!

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