Laptop battery got fat - Weekly #07-2022

Another week, another update is here.

Stream updates

This week, I have been able to commit to a schedule for my streams. I will keep this schedule onwards. I'll be online on Tuesday and Thursday. The stream starts somewhen between 18:00 to 20:00 CET. Currently, I am just testing the streaming setup and trying to adapt to the commitment. I plan on doing 2 more of these testing streams next week.

I will be going on vacation on the 2nd of March for a week so I will take a small break. After that, I would like to start promoting my stream on social networks. I'd like to bring a first official guest for a talk/interview and present the stream to a wider audience.

Laptop battery

My laptop lid was not closing properly, recently. I've noticed that there is a significant bump in an area of my keyboard that prevents the lid to be closed. I've assumed that it might be caused by the battery. I've opened my laptop and removed the battery as it was much bigger than it is supposed to be.

Worn out laptop battery
Worn out laptop battery

Right now, I am operating without a battery. It feels weird because I have to always keep in mind that I have to turn off the laptop every time I want to move it to a different place. I've already made an order for a new battery, but unfortunately, I have to wait till Monday for the delivery.


I've received a small gift from my friend and colleague. He visited us at the office and gave me a sticker. But not just any sticker. He got me a Vim sticker. As a proud Vim user, I've immediately put it on my laptop.

Laptop cover
My laptop stickers

I have to also mention, that I've changed my theme to light NeoSolarized with high contrast. since last week. It feels much better not having a bright background for reading/writing code.

Picks for this week

Github is now able to parse mermaid diagrams. You can check out the announcement. It looks like I could be able to do that on my blog as well. I will put this into my to-do list and perhaps code it sometime during my stream ;)

State of JS results for 2021 has been presented this week. I am very excited about the satisfaction rate of @svelte/kit.

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