Second attempt @ Weekly #08-2022

When I started to write this weekly I've got so deeply into writing about the error handling use case that I basically just dedicated the whole article to it. So this will be my second attempt just to not break the tradition.

Error handling guide

You can check out the new article on error handling here. It is basically a practical continuation of the first guide for error handling I've written a year ago.

Stream updates

This week we have been discussing the state of JS on the Tuesday stream. It went very well and I didn't even manage to get through it to the end. I am planning to continue on the topic when I get back from vacation on the 15th of March. I will prepare a few advertising materials (probably just a poster) and share them across social media as I want to run the stream officially.

Mermaid diagram parsing

On the Thursday stream, I've not been able to find a guest to discuss any topics so I just went for coding the diagram support for mermaid diagrams in my posts. I wanted to make render diagrams on the backend. I was very surprised that the mermaid is directly dependent on the browser to be able to render SVG. I had to rethink all over again how I would implement it.

I haven't finished it, yet. So prepare for a new article where I will present the solution. I will stream it on my twitch so if you're interested, please follow me there.

Let's keep it short. Thank you!

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