Coming from DevBreak - Weekly #11-2022

Welcome back,

You might notice, that I've skipped 2 weeks of posting. I have a very good excuse. I've been on a vacation in Mauritius. It was the best vacation I've ever been on. The only unfortunate part was that the flight back home from Istanbul to Budapest was canceled. So the trip got prolonged for another 2 days but we weren't prepared for the weather.

DevBreak #1

Anyway, the comeback from the vacation was strong. I've successfully started my own talk show - DevBreak. I've invited my very close friend Lukas Orgovan and we had a wonderful time together on the stream. You can check out the first episode here where we talked about the State Of JS survey results and much more about software development. I've also gathered some feedback and I am very happy with the responses I got. I will be trying to improve the show and the stream onwards. I still don't know how often I should do the show, and who will I invite for the next one. I have to admit I am very excited to continue delivering this type of content further, so I am already working on figuring all these things out. Thanks to everyone who joined. I really appreciate it.

During the regular stream on Thursday, I've finished working on the mermaid integration for the blog. It was a short one as I had plans for the late night. The blog post on mermaid integration is already in the progress.


During the vacation time, I've stumbled upon a great article about markdown by Knut Melvær and its usefulness for programmers and content creators. It tackles the problem with markdown very well and made me think about how do I want to write my content. Currently, I am on the unfortunate end of writing content as it's explained in the article. That's why I enjoyed it so much!

The next one is a simpler tutorial on Hosting a React App with OpenFaaS. I am an advocate for open-source software and I am glad to see OpenFaaS being still developed and trying to be more accessible for typical use-cases.

Be ready for the next one, Thank you!