Our attempt at Rusty game jam - Weekly #25-2022

Long time no see!

We are married

Our wedding day
Our wedding day

I noticed that I haven't even posted about our wedding day. It was the best day of my life. Very beautiful day. I cried almost the whole day because it was so beautiful. I love my wife!

Rusty game jam

This week I've attended a Rusty game jam #2. It was a great experience for me as I have been able to dive deeper into Rust and bevy game-development engine. Big thanks to @silen-z, who joined my team and helped me get going at the start. We didn't manage to finish the game in time. As we only had a week and we also didn't code each day of the week. We have only been able to get some collision mechanics and map creation working. But I am very proud anyway. You can check the source code for the game on my GitHub and also download binaries to try the game out on any platform. Thanks to @septum for providing a good boilerplate for a bevy project. The whole process was broadcasted on my stream. I am very thankful for anyone who participated.

Egg fetcher game preview
Egg fetcher game preview

You can check the rusult built with WASM here.

What's up with the weeklys

I have to admit something. I was not inspired or motivated to write weeklys for the last two months. For that, I feel a little bumped as there were many good thoughts worth sharing. I was not very comfortable writing as the last month was very tough. During that time I was focused on inner development and figuring out how my brain responds to different stimuli. I've been able to find a new project to work on. The onboarding story was one of the hardest I went through. I managed to move on and stop thinking about what could've I done better in the past and focus more on what can I do better now.


I should have at least 10 recommendations, but I haven't accumulated any in my notes.

But here are some podcasts that made my days better:

Another good resource I've been able to find is another Rust framework for building Web applications called Sycamore.

That's it. Let's jump into another week inspired after a very successful one and my plan is to get better with Rust. I will try to find a new project to work on. Something smaller that could improve my workflow.