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  • Error handling with Either<Type>

    We have started a new small internal project for automating a few workflows around counting worked hours and time offs. The application is a slack bot on top of node js, TypeScript and PostgreSQL database. We use 3rd party APIs to fetch data about the times which we need to accumulate and process to calculate valuable information to our users.

  • Laptop battery got fat - Weekly #07-2022

    Another week, another update is here. This week, I have been able to commit to a schedule for my streams. I will keep this schedule onwards. I'll be online on Tuesday and Thursday. The stream starts somewhen between 18:00 to 20:00 CET.

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  • I've started streaming - Weekly #06-2022

    I've been thinking of giving the Weekly series a numbering system. I've come up with the format of #weekNumber-year. This article is only a second Weekly, but it is published for the sixth week of this year, so it will receive a number #06-2022. I use my Samsung Galaxy S21 as a camera via DroidCam. I have even bought the DroidCamX, just because it is the only software that successfully allowed me to connect my phone camera with the PC.

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  • First Weekly

    Hey dear reader, I'd like to resurrect a series of articles called Weeklys. It's a weekly round-down of things I've learned, discovered, or caught my attention.

  • Introduction to JavaScript Application testing

    An automated testing suite for your application is like a feature requirements document. When this suite is passing, it means that the features are delivered correctly as described in the requirements.