Michal Vanko

Software Architect and Consultant

Personal Information

I was born on 26th of May in KoŇ°ice, Slovakia and I still live here.


I enjoy playing basketball with my friends. I also like to play other team sports like football and hockey. I also play squash and table tennis. Once I've won a competition in squash at my university. During summer I love water skiing and swimming in a nearby lake.
I am very passionate about music. I've also tried some software for composing music but I am not really hooked into that yet. From time to time I enjoy playing board games with my friends.


I like to explore new technologies and I'm passionate about Open Source movement, Internet of Things applications and Linux desktop evolution.
I am interested in modern software architecture and reactive programming.
I've attended various tech conferences and hackathons. I like them for all of the fascinating ideas that might be invented.
I've given presentations on various topics related to web development. You can take a look at some of them here.
I enjoy teaching and explaining how various technologies and techniques work to my colleagues for their better understanding.
I take advantage of test driven development.


Slovak is my mother tongue and I've learned English as my second language. I speak English on advanced level.

I'm an experienced Linux Desktop user. I prefer to use open source libraries and technologies while I develop solutions.
I'm in good command of Office Tools and I've experience with image manipulation programs like GIMP and Inkscape.
I can also compose music and sounds in digital audio workstation.

I'm passionate about software architecture. My goal is to be able to design suitable solution for any kind of product. From small presentation sites, IOT devices, to large enterprise applications running on cloud.

I do public speaking and I am not afraid to share my knowledge and passion about technology.

I'm advanced user of source code management tools git and svn.

I've a driving license for category B ūüöó.

Work experience

I am doing web development for approximately 14 years. I've started at very young age of 14. My very first web site was for promotion web of my own Counter-Strike clan. Then I had an opportunity to create a important registration system for marathon runners for Europe's oldest marathon event. That basically started off my career as a web developer. I had some projects while I was studying in high school and university. After that I started to work full-time as a web developer and gain more experience in developing real-time web applications.

  • CropTech. s.r.o.

    _Croptech_ is a start-up company located in KoŇ°ice focused on smart automation of hydroponic systems. Founded in 2014 they've won StartupAwards.sk and have been able to find investors. I've joined Croptech after the previous team fall apart not being able to bring product into the market. I am main part of the Croptech team. I figure as a CTO of the company. I've developed architecture of the main product called responzIO.

    CropTech. s.r.o. Benkova 18 040 18 KoŇ°ice , 040 01 KoŇ°ice, Slovakia

  • localhost.company s.r.o

    localhost.company is a small company which has only around 40 developers and most of them are students. I work in localhost as a Senior front end developer. I am focused on delivering a high quality product and to teach and help other colleagues.

    I've started to work there in October 2018.

    localhost.company s.r.o BoŇĺeny Nemcovej 30, 040 01 KoŇ°ice, Slovakia

  • Ness KE s.r.o

    I worked in Ness as a Senior front end developer. In Ness, I've been able to work for different clients on various projects.

    I joined Ness as a Junior front end developer and I've been able to quickly proceed to Senior level with my engagement

    I started to work in March 2013 and left in October 2018.

    _Ness KE s.r.o._Moldavsk√° cesta 10/B, 040 11 KoŇ°ice, Slovakia

  • eSOLUTIONS s.r.o.

    I worked in eSOLUTIONS as a extern web developer

    I was building front-end and back-end for websites and web applications. Mostly using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

    I started to work in 2007 and stopped in 2012.

    eSOLUTIONS s.r.o. Hroncov√° 2, KoŇ°ice, Slovakia


  • Manualogic

    Manualogic is a single page application for product manual creators. It contains custom web editor and management system of translatable pages, books and products. It's main goal is to enable customers to get manuals of their products in digital form.

    It's bulit on top of modern web technologies such as Angular, RxJS, and the content is synchronized through Websockets. The back-end part is built on top of Spring framework.

    The team consisted of 3-4 front-end developers, 2-3 back-end developers and 2 testers.

  • responzIO

     responzIO main controller

    responzIO is smart, easy to use monitoring and automation system. The ultimate tool for various applications such as hydroponics, aquariums and gardens.

    I worked on responzIO as architect and full-stack developer. I've designed complete software solution for an already created platform and a series of sensors, sockets and other hardware. Designed solution consist of varios parts: Deployment, Microservices, Stateful core back-end application, progressive web application, auto-update over web...

    This project is built with modern web technologies including: CycleJS, Reactive Streams, D3, Jest, Webpack.

  • Signal Hub Manager

    Signal Hub is an end-to-end Big Data analytics platform for large enterprises. It accelerates the process of extracting insights and intelligence from large volumes of data, including data of different types and in different formats.

    I worked on Signal Hub as a front-end developer. Working on the part of the platform called Workbench. Workbench is an IDE for data analyst. It allows to create and tweak various models and transformations which are then deployed to other parts of the platform. Users are able to create workflows and see the results of his work with pleasant visuals.

    This project is built with modern web technologies including: AngularJS, React, D3, Highcharts, Jest, Webpack.

    I was part of a large distributed team of ~20 developers & ~6 testers which were working on the whole platform.

  • SHIP (Structured heard input process)

    SHIP is a web application for editors who actively track trades offers and bids on the commodity market.

    It was built for a price reporting company S&P Global Platts. This company is a provider of energy and commodities information and a source of benchmark price assessments in the physical energy markets.

    SHIP was suited for a very easy and quick workflow for editors.

    Team consisted of 3 front-end and 3 back-end developers. I was a leader of the front-end part of the project.

    The application was built with AngularJS and Redux. The challenging part was working with Cassandra database.

  • FX Salestrader


    The main function of Caplin FX Sales is to allow sales users to trade on behalf of their clients. This needs to be an efficient workflow providing all the relevant information to the sales user.

    Main technologies used: Websockets, Custom Front-end JavaScript MVVM Framework (based on Knockout, BRJS)

    We worked on this project in a team of 6 developers and 3 testers

  • Livesport.tv


    Livesport.tv is a network of premium online sports channels, featuring all the top sports competitions from around the world.

    I worked on this project as a front-end developer. I maintained all livesport channels and I worked on new features and enhancements of websites.

    Project was built on top of Freemarker templating language.

    The team consisted of 2 developers and 1 tester.

  • beIN SPORTS France & beIN SPORTS USA

    beIN Sports is a global network of sports channels jointly owned and operated by Qatari Sports Investments, an affiliate of Al Jazeera Media Networks

    I worked on this project as a front-end developer. I maintained official websites of beIN SPORTS France and USA (www.beinsports.fr, www.beinsports.tv).

    Project was built on top of Freemarker templating language.

    I worked on this project in a team consisting of 7 members.

  • KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon


    KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon is the oldest marathon in Europe and the third-oldest in the world.

    I worked on this project as a front-end and an back-end developer. I've built a custom CMS for website and for registration of participants. Also created an application for actual event for signing participants.
    The application was able to create a start list of all participants and provide various statistics about them.

    I've built this project alone and then one maintainer joined me.

  • CK Vive


    CK Vive is a travel agency.

    I worked on this project as a front-end and an back-end developer. I've created new custom CMS for adding destinations and apartments into offering.

    I've built this project on top of PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

    I worked on this project alone.


  • Technick√° univerzita KoŇ°ice

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics - Intelligent Systems

    Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems

    Dates: 1. 9. 2010 - 20. 6. 2013

    Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor (Bc.)

  • Secondary school of Electrical Engineering in KoŇ°ice

    SP҆ Elektrotechnick√°, Komensk√©ho 22, KoŇ°ice

    Electrotechnics, Telecommunication

    Dates: 1. 9. 200 - 1. 7. 2010

    Title of qualification awarded: Full secondary school education with leaving examination